Madina Rose, Havre og Sidrhonning Sæbe 100g

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Model/varenr.: JH-6336
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Sensitive skin, especially childrens', is prone to drying and cracking and requires extra protection against environmental aggressors. We created a solution with this gentle and deeply moisturising soap, packed with tools to fight itchiness and inflammation. Oats have been used as part of a skin care regime dating back to as early as 2000BC. Its hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties allow it to immediately calm down even the most sensitive of skin without any irritation, whilst its high content of lipids, fats and reparative proteins regenerate the skin's protective barrier. Yemeni sidr honey and our handpicked Madina roses from Saudi Arabia are a powerhouse of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents, soothing and protecting the skin whilst battling destructive and drying free-radicals and infections. Madina roses refresh, brightens and hydrate, Yemeni sidr honey draws water from the atmosphere into every layer of the skin, and the fatty acids in wild oats seal and lock in moisture. Together they gently nurture and protect the skin, providing it with immediate calm and deep hydration


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