Arabisk kaffe, Kardamomme og Ingefær Sæbe

125,00 DKK
Model/varenr.: JH-6337
Lager: 4 stk tilbage på lager

Dramatically reinvigorating and kick-starting blood circulation and the skin’s productivity is our triad of organic Arabian coffee, cardamom, and ginger. Arabic coffee is the world’s most traditional form, and the process of its growth and harvesting has not changed in over 500 years. It is picked from the trees of mountainous Yemen and left to dry under the sun to be ground and served in every Arabian household for its rich taste, and high levels of caffeine and anti-oxidants. Applied topically, Arabian coffee proves to be an incredibly regenerative ingredient, fighting off damaging free-radicals, cellulite and protecting the skin from UV rays. Combined with fiery and anti-oxidant packed ginger and green cardamom, we have created a soap that vigorously re-energises the blood flow, restoring youth and life to the complexion


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