Why Did I Become A Muslim?

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The most incredible thing I have done in my life was actually very simple. I did a very simple thing before two witnesses: I recited the shahadah. I said: "I bear witness that there is no deity other than Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger." I became a Muslim at that moment. I was not convinced until reciting the kalimah al-shahadah that I was doing what I really wanted. But I know one thing: From that moment on, my life has completely changed. I don´t know how to describe it. Since that moment my heart is fulfilled with happiness and peace. Those intense emotions lasted for four days. I can describe it as an "emergence point". Because that special part of mine that I always felt inside has emerged." "(...) You will see that the Holy Qur’an is the main factor that leads a significant amount of these Western Muslims to Islam. Our book presents you the life stories of European and American converts, all of whom are alive today, and their reasons for choosing Islam. Some of the stories consist of interviews conducted in England for a doctoral thesis(1) while others are the life stories that are published in various newspapers and magazines, and accessible on the Internet. Since people were assured that their real names would not be used in this research based on the interview method of social sciences, real names of some of them were not given." Prof. Dr. Ali Köse (1) Ali Köse, Conversion to Islam: A Study of Native British Converts, London: Kegan Paul 1996.


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