The Durr-Ul-Mukhtar

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The Durr ul-Mukhtar was written in the year 1070 Hijri by Sheikh Muhammad Alauddin, who was Mufti at Damascus for a long time. That was originally in Arabic. The present volume, the Arabic text of the Tanvirul Absar has been translated into English by Justice M. B. Dayal. He has translated this with great authority. In this volume the author comprehensively deals the topics, Marriage, Dower, Talaq, Rights and obligations of spouses, Talqah, Wakf, Gift, Will and Inheritance.

Durr al-Mukhtar is a work of established reputation and does not stand in need of any introduction. It has been referred to by almost all the modern writers on the Islamic Law and Shariah in India. This book will be useful to the Judges, Lawyers, Scholars and students of Islamic Shariah.

This is a word to word, and page to page exact reproduction of the monumental work Durr ul-Mukhtar. This has intentionally been done for the convenience of the readers, so thtat they may locate references and citations of this work made in other books.

It is hoped that the publication or this treasure of Islamic Sharia, which remained out of print for more than fifty years, will be greatly appreciated.

Sprog Engelsk
Sider 414
Forlag Kitab Bhavan
Forfatter Muhammad Ala-ud-din Haskafi
Oversat af B.M. Dayal
ISBN 81-7151-152-X
Indbinding Hardback

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