Shatibi's Philosophy of Islamic Law

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[Extracts from reviews of Islamic Legal Philosophy, the first edition of the present book]

"... A welcome contribution to the small number of English language works on Islamic legal theory, and it is a work which all libraries that have en interest in Islamic Studies and cognate areas should acquire"

(Journal if Bear Eastern Studies, 1982)
"Dr. Masud has clearly put much thought and effort into the making of Islamic Legal Philosophy, and the result is a work of which serious students of both Islamic modernism and of the history and theory of Islamic law will have to take account.
"... It is a work that must be taken into consideration in any future research into the question of maslaha, for on the point the author shows himself capable of keen observation and insight..."
(BulletinoftheSchoolofOrientalandAfricanStudies, 1979)
"Into the admittedly difficult arena that is full of conflicting views enters Dr. Masud to lead us step by step in a fascinating way to what he considers the true import of Shatibi's views concerning Jurisprudence or usual al-figh. From all indications, this book should be considered the definitive work on al-Shativ, and his legal philosophy.
"Scholars of Islamic law and Islamicists generally are very much in debt to Dr. Masud for this major contribution."

-Farhat J. Ziadeh


Sprog Engelsk
Sider 294
Forlag Kitab Bhavan
Forfatter Muhammad Khalid Masud
ISBN 9788171512348
Indbinding Hardback

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