Basics of islam

About Faith, Morality and a Biography of the Prophet 

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The human created for significant aim has an eminent place in universe. In this world , the human shall prepare for the eternal life in the Hereafter. Allah the Almighty wants us to prepare by calling to the land of everlasting happiness and showed the way to attain everlasting happiness. In accordance with the purpose of our creation, our duty is firstly to have the true faith and to fulfill the duties of worship which are the requirements of our faith, to adorn our hearts with good thoughts and intentions and to be succesfull in the examination of servitude by acting in accordance with moral standarts. Performing the religious duties incumbent upon us is undoubtedly possible by having adequate knowledge. This book has been prepared in a plain language that the Muslims at all ages and especially students of Quran courses can easily understand. We wish that this book containing necessary knowledge on the basics of Islam for all Muslims and all readers will be useful. Format: Paperback Udgivelsesdato: 2019, 2nd edition Sprog: Engelsk Sidetal: 341


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