A Hand Through The Door For My new Sister

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This book, A hand through the door for my new sister; written by an American Muslim lady is a reference work covering numerous aspects of the religion which are concern to the sea of new sisters whom Allah has guided to be members of the religion of truth and guidance, Islam. It also however, equally concerns Muslim ladies of all backgrounds and levels who desire to learn various aspects of their religion.

Of the matters this book discusses are tje fillars of Islam; the articles of faith; tawhid [monotheism] and its oppositeshirk [polytheism]; the dress of a believing lady; rulings pertaining to menses; associations and interaction with family members; marriges and divource; the food of the belivers; repentance; death and the grave; Paradise and Hell, and a number of other aspects of the religion.

A significant freature of this book is that the author has relied on and provided textual evidence from the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah for the many rulings presented throughout the discourse. We pray that Allah rewards the autor for her work and concern and many this book be of good use to all those who read it.

Sprog Engelsk
Sider 256
Forfatter Yasmin bint Ismail
ISBN 9789960914381
Indbinding Paperback

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