Ma'Oud Bodyspray fra Nusuk, 250 ml

60,00 DKK
Model/varenr.: JH-6448
Lager: På lager
  • This Perfume Deodorant is one of the most expensive and desireable perfume for men and women in the brand Nusuk . It has an intoxicating scent that can be quite potent. The Brand Nusuk are using Oud and Musk Fragrance as a base notes to create some amazing fragrances.
  • The Classic Fragrance formulations that help to keep away the elements that make you smell bad & help to keep you fresh all day long.
  • The brand Nusuk also gives different variants of Imported Arabic Fragrances like Oud, Musk, and Other Quality Premium Fragrances which Last for more than 12 Hours, A Perfumed Spray also Suitable for Daily Wear.

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