Khaltat Al Dhahabi Nusuk 100ml

Unisex duft med strejf af jasmine og roser 

299,00 DKK
Model/varenr.: JH-5960
Lager: Ikke på lager

Flower intoxicating perfume Khaltat Al Dahabi - that is sensuality itself.

The introduction includes a performance of particularly beautiful, sweet-smelling, silky-enchanting tuberose, combining its opulent tone with whitish jasmine and a slightly citrus echo of bitter bergamot.

The delicacy-delightful vanilla vibrates its chords in sweet gourmet tones, but it gradually shows up even in a dreamy, as if dusty form, permeated with a powdery shudder of milky cocoa styrax.

The perfume interplay gradually deepens, as shown by the honey-velvet shades of amber, blended with herbaceously earthy patchouli in the final echoes of this floral fusion.


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