The Life of The Last Prophet (SAW)

Sprog: Engelsk
Indbinding: Paperback
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The influence of Muhammad's صلّی الله علیهِ وآلهِ وَسلم prophet hood is visible in everything that the world now contains: beliefs and patterns of thought, culture and civilization, morals and modes of living, knowledge and learning. In short, all spheres of human endeavour. Strange indeed, therefore, that so many people on the face of the earth today have little or no knowledge of the life and mission of this last great Prophet of God and his historical impact on the world we live in. The Life of the Last Prophet is a concise and authentic account of the life of the Prophet Muhammad صلّی الله علیهِ وآلهِ وَسلم written by Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens. This book is the printed version of the album that includes selections of Prophetic sayings and detailed references.

This is the book that corresponds with the spoken-word, - the first official release by Yusuf Islam since his departure from the music business in 1978. It is the biography of Prophet Muhammad's صلّی الله علیهِ وآلهِ وَسلم life and a remarkable product which does more than educate; it draws the listener into the story through Yusuf Islam's wonderful voice and the latest sound-effect technology. It includes many exquisite photographs. The audio products are available separately. Ages 10 to Adult.

Sprog Engelsk
Sider 51
Forlag Darussalam
Forfatter Yusuf Islam
ISBN 9789960892429
Indbinding Paperback

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