Yemeni Sidr Honning 250 g

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This honey comes from the desert rich Yemen. This type of honey is considered one of the best in the world.

From the Do´an region to Hadramawt and generally from the month of November through, there is a process of about 40 days for the bees to extract the nectar from the flowers of the Sidr tree and produce one of the most expensive honeys in the world.

One of the special features of this honey is that the harvest is carried out by Yemeni beekeepers in a completely artisanal way, using only their hands without having to resort to specific machines or tools. Another special feature of Sidr honey from Yemen is that it does not crystallize! although its color darkens over time, about 1 to 2 years from the origin, the structure remains intact and delightfully fluid.

The very tree from which the honey is extracted carries a story of its own. The tree is mentioned as many as 4 times in the Koran, including in a surah where it is described as the "paradise tree" (Sidrat al-muntaha) [al-Najm 53:13-18] . The honey itself is also a large part of Islam and is also mentioned countless times both in the Koran and in accounts:

Quran surah al-Nahl (16)

- 68 And your Lord instructed the bees: "Build homes in mountains and trees and in what they (humans) raise (of buildings).

- 69 Then eat of all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord (to these fruits and flowers) made easy for you!” From their stomach comes a (honey) drink in different colors. Verily, therein are signs for people who will reflect.

Among other things, it is also mentioned in Christian accounts that Jesus made his crown using leaves from the Sidr (lote) tree.

Store the honey at room temperature.

Too much heat can break down the honey and result in lost therapeutic benefits.

Buy before it's too late and experience one of the most exclusive and best honeys in the world!

Content: 250g

Ingredients: 100% Yemeni sidr honey

Country of origin: Yemen



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