Jesus Prophet of Islam Revised Edition

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This revised edition of Jesus, Prophet of Islam comes some eighteen years after the first edition was first published, and seventeen years after its principal co-author, Muhammad Ata'ur-Rahim, alehi rahma, died in London, after travelling half way around the world solely in order to be able to complete the book on Jesus, peace be on him, that he had always longed to write.

Altrhough the first edition has never been out of print, the bookøs other co-author, Ahmad Thomson, became increasingly aware that there was room for improvement in a revised edition, especially as regards integrating new material into the text which was not so readily available when the two authors first commenced work on the book together twenty years ago. Although some of the original material has been restructured, very little of it has been removed.

The main additions in this revised edition ventre around:

firstly, the historical study of how the split between the priginal Semitic Unitarian followers of Jesus and the European Trinitarian followers of Paul steadily developed until it became irreversible;

secoundly, a closer study of the authenticity, accuracy and reliability of the texts on which current editions of the Bible are based, including a careful scrutiny of the arguments for and against the current editions of the Gosple of Barnabas; and

thirdly, the expansion of the last two chapters which explore what the Hadith and the Qur'an have to say about Jesus, not only as regards his original mission, but also with reference to his secound coming - which many people belive to be imminent, although of cource only God knows when it will actually occur.

It is hoped that the revised edition of Jesus, Prophet of Islam will be not only more fascinating but also more accessible than the first edition - and that in presenting virtually all the various perspectived from which Jesus has been regarded during the last two millenia - including those of the Atheists, the Jews, the Unitarian Christians, the Trinitarian Christians abd the Muslims - the reader will be better able to judge which are nearest the truth.

Sprog Engelsk
Sider 334
Forlag Ta-Ha Publishers
Forfatter Muhammad Ata Ur-Rahim And Ahmad Thomson
ISBN 187940270X
Indbinding Indbundet

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